My name is Caroline Stevenson and I am a senior at CCHS. I plan to intern in Thanayi Henry's first-grade classroom at the Thoreau Elementary School. This is an elementary school in Concord, MA. I did not go here; however, my mom works there and I helped out in a kindergarten classroom last year. The reason I choose to intern at Thoreau is that I would like to become an elementary school teacher in the near future. I will be attending the University of Delaware next year majoring in early-childhood education. I would also like to minor in special education, and I know Thoreau has a special education classroom that I would love to check out while I intern. I hope that I will build a backbone of teaching skills and learn what goes behind the scenes (lesson plans, grading, etc.). I am also excited to work with the children and see them learn and grow. I have always dreamed of being a teacher, and this is a great way to start my journey to become one. 


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