• Describe the specific tasks you performed in your first week.

  • Describe your work environment (formal, casual, dress attire, etc.). What do you like about where you are working?

  • What type of product/service does this company provide?

The first day of my internship was Monday April 1st. At first I was given a welcome presentation by some of the research fellows. This presentation outlined all the basic things I would need to know about the lab, including the culture, emergency policies and basic trainings I would have to complete. The rest of the day was spent getting to know more of the research fellows and coordinators. And also beginning an online course about Medical Neuroscience that would help me gain a more than basic understanding of the brain and neuroscience. Before I left on Monday I met Dr. Fregni who is the primary investigator in the studies at the Neuromodulation Center. The next couple days were spent completing mandatory trainings that everyone involved in clinical research have to complete. It took me until Friday to complete all of the modules of these trainings. In between completing the modules I was reading the protocol of the project that.I would be joining once I am cleared to interact with subjects.

The work environment is business casual. It is important to look professional when interacting with subjects. One of my favorite things about my internship so far has to be the culture of the lab. Everyone at the Neuromodulation center is very nice and welcoming. The culture is based off the idea that everyone is learning. I do not feel uncomfortable to ask questions about protocols or even where something might be. There is many opportunity's to learn here at the lab, there is weekly journal clubs where we discuss a different research journal or paper that have been recently published. And also what are called "Grand Rounds" which are lectures every Friday at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

The Neuromodulation Center is researching different types of non invasive brain stimulation in order to find their use in pain management and rehabilitation.There is currently 3 studies or projects underway in the lab. These projects are investigating  Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) alone or with another type of therapy in order to reveal any more possible uses of tDCS. The project I am currently working on is focused on Phantom Limb Pain and the use of tDCS and another therapy. 

So far I have been enjoying my internship at the Neuromodulation Center. I am really excited to continue my internship and to learn even more about the world of clinical research. 

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