• Describe what you liked the most and least about your internship.

  • List the specific skills and responsibilities you can now add to your resume.

  • Explain how you perceive your internship experience will affect your academic goals, your long-term career goals, etc.

There was a lot of things I liked about my internship. I really liked having freedom and flexibility regarding my daily schedule. This internship was really based around what I wanted to learn and see vs tasks that I had to do. This gave me the opportunity to explore and learn more about what I was specifically interested in. Along with this I felt like a real member of the Neuromodulation lab. I was always invited to join in on courses, meetings and subject visits.  I also really liked the group of people I worked with. I feel like I have said this a million times, but it really made my internship. They were willing to answer every single dumb question I had. They also shared a lot of wisdom with me about medical school and the field in general. There was not anything I liked the least about my internship. Overall I felt really comfortable and there wasn't anything I did not like doing. 

After this internship there is a couple skills I can add to my resume including experience in clinical lab trial setting, Microsoft teams  and Citi certification in Good Clinical Practice and Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel. 

I think my internship has exposed me to a lot of new career options and paths in the medical field. I know for sure now that I want to participate in research throughout my time in college and I also have experience in doing so. I think in the future I will definitely consider a career in research. I feel really lucky to have gotten a chance to intern at the Neuromodulation Center. 

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