• What was the most rewarding work activity you performed this week?

  • What have you learned about how you handle stressful work situations?

  • What skills have you acquired at this point that makes you think you will be successful in a position in this industry?

This week I had the oppertunity to observe and take part in a course about tDCS. This course is offered every couple months to the fellows so that they can become certified in administering the tDCS stimulation. It was very rewarding to take part in this course for many reasons. As well as observing subject visits here at the lab, I have been able to also take an online course about medical neuroscience. It is through the things I learned in this online class, that I was able to keep up and understand most of the material that was being taught.


I don't really encounter many stressful work situations. My work environment is very relaxed and the work I do is mostly for my own edification. Whenever I am unsure about where to go or what to bring for a certain meeting, I feel very comfortable asking the post doctorates I sit with. They are always checking in with me and making sure that I am comfortable and know what I am doing. 

I have acquired many skills from this internship that would make me successful in this industry. I know the proper people skills, for example how to greet a subject and how to explain processes in plain language.  I have also learned how to ask for help. I was afraid in the beginning that asking questions would be seen as a sign of my ignorance, but I have realized that it really is not. The post doctorates and other fellows ask each other questions very often.It goes hand in hand with the idea that the lab is not only a working space, but a place to learn as well. Finally I have learned how to use my resources. I have been given many papers and protocols that are relevant to the lab. For example, before I observe a subject visit I reread the protocol and make sure that I understand what is going to happen at that particular visit. If I know I want to observe a visit on a particular day I can check the calendar and send a message to the person who is conducting the visit so I can. 

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