• Summarize what your internship has taught you about yourself and your career and industry as a whole.

  • Provide an internship tip for future interns

I have learned a lot about the healthcare/medical industry through this internship. My internship was really focused on the clinical research sector of the medical industry. This internship has changed the way I think about working in a lab. I learned that working in a lab isn't always test tubes and agar solutions. I have also learned about what it is like to be a doctor involved in research full time. I think the most important thing I have learned about this industry is that lifelong learning is a key principle to be successful. As a doctor you have to keep updated on practices and interact with them by asking questions and providing your own personal insight. Finally I cannot forget to mention the plethora of things I now know about medical school in the US and countries abroad. 

I learned about myself that I am able to take initiative when I have to. If there is a visit I want to observe instead of waiting for my supervisor to coordinate it, I can do it myself. I have also learned about working independently. Throughout my time at the Neuromodulation lab, I have developed ways to keep myself on task. I have found that I am more productive when I make a daily or weekly to - do lists. 

My tip for future interns would be to take initiative and make the most out of your internship. If there is something you want to do or see, ask your supervisor and see if it can be arranged. Secondly make meaningful connections with co workers. These connections can help you learn more about the field or career  you are interested in. They can also make your internship a lot more fun. In summary take initiative, make connections and be curious.  

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