• To date, what has been the most challenging aspect of your internship?

  • Describe your supervisor’s management style (formal, informal, etc.).

  • Describe one new thing you have learned about this company, or the field and/or industry as a whole.

Week Two of my internship has been amazing. I don't really think that there is anything really challenging about my internship. The highlight of my week would have to be observing my first subject visit. It was very interesting to finally see the protocols that I have been reading in effect. Sometimes it is difficult to understand medical terms, considering that I am a high schooler who hasn't gone to medical school. But it is not as difficult because everyone is willing to answer my questions about certain diagnoses and/or terms. As I said in my pervious post everyone at the lab is very welcoming and kind to me. Everyone is willing to let me observe their visits with subjects and are always reaching out to make sure my questions about a certain protocol are answered. Therefore there has not been any real challenges so far. 


My supervisors management style is informal. We meet once a week to discuss what I have done the following week, to establish new goals  and to set up times for me to observe subject visits. Throughout the week we communicate back and fourth on an app called 'Slack' about any events I should attend or any immediate administrative questions I might have.

I have learned so much about this lab and field. I really find it interesting that nearly all of the drugs that we use today had to go through clinical trial phases. There is so much work that has to be put into these trials in order to determine their uses, dosage, safety etc. I have learned all about clinical research and the process and steps that take place in order for a biomedical device or drug to be approved for use.  

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