• Describe what you liked the most and least about your internship.

My internship overall was an awesome experience! I loved getting to understand Signiant as a company more clearly, being part of an office environment (mainly the people I'm surrounded by) and having a new projects to work on weekly. I didn't love being stuck inside all day and sometimes the projects would be so big that it got overwhelming. 


  • List the specific skills and responsibilities you can now add to your resume.

I can now add; marketing research, sales research, salesforce organization and future customer precision targeting.

  • Explain how you perceive your internship experience will affect your academic goals, your long-term career goals, etc.

My internship gives me a whole new perspective going forward into University. I now can see what my future could look like and it gives me new motivation to get through school and get a job of my own. I know that I will continue to work hard in all my academic endeavors moving forward since Im working towards a career (hopefully) at the end of it all.

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