• Describe the specific tasks you performed in your first week.

During my first week at Signiant, I got some practice using Salesforce, and various Microsoft products. I was helping the inside sales team along with the marketing team as well. I got started using the databases and getting a grasp on my responsibilities - next week my manager and her associates will be out of the office attending NAB (national association of broadcasters) which is a world-wide trade show where companies can demonstrate and introduce their newest products to fellow broadcasters and those in the movie industry.

  • Describe your work environment (formal, casual, dress attire, etc.). What do you like about where you are working?

My work environment is awesome! Everybody dresses semi-formal to casual which is great since I can still work and be comfortable too. I like that my "desk" is not a cubicle, it's a large table with other people working with and around me. Its louder and theres always music playing, its like a close knit productive community. 

  • What type of product/service does this company provide?

Signiant provides software that manages and moves large files securely and also moves huge code bases around the world for global software development. Check out their website for more info! signiant.com 

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