• Describe what you accomplished at your internship this week. Be specific in describing the knowledge you have gained and the skills you have developed.

This week I went through salesforce and marked existing contacts as inactive and updated their job titles. By doing this I am cleaning out the database so its much easier for the marketing team to find contacts in a specific category. For example, if I change the contact to inactive and the job title to vice president, with these filters placed within salesforce it becomes easy to generate the specific list of people that matches the defined category.

  • Discuss a difficult, challenging and/or awkward situation you faced at your internship and describe how you handled it. What have you learned from this experience?

A more difficult moment that occurred was when I was given a lot more work than I could handle at once. I told my supervisor that it was too much for me at once with already 3 pre existing projects I had to finish. She understood and told me to take my time in completing the other projects first. This was great since I felt that I could continue doing a more thorough job instead of a rushed one. 

  • How is your internship changing your impression of your career field/industry as a whole?

As of right now, this internship has taught me a lot about what I specifically want to do in the business field. I've found that this type of work isn't going to be fulfilling in my future life which is great knowledge for me to discover what I don't like before I jump head first into a job after university. 

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