• What was the most rewarding work activity you performed this week?

This week, I continued to work on my previous project from week three. Since this project had over 850 different inactive contacts, it took me a long time to complete it. Once I got a rhythm on salesforce and found a way to get through about 200 a day, It few by. It took me most of week 4 to complete it but once it was done, it was extremely rewarding and personally fulfilling. 

  • What have you learned about how you handle stressful work situations?

This recent project has taught me a lot about stress in the work environment. When I'm given a very large task it's harder to tackle head on since it's not always easy to get past the thought that I still have 800 to go when I can barely get through the first 10 efficiently. I've learned to section my work off and make personal goals for the specific day. For example, I would tell myself to at least get through 150 in one day; a measurable goal that rewards my work with progress. 

  • What skills have you acquired at this point that makes you think you will be successful in a position in this industry?

Over my time at Signiant so far, I've discovered that my speed and accuracy on most projects makes me a great asset. The inside sales team and marketing team have been giving me more work since they know I can get through it fast which keeps me busy and helps them a lot.

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