• Summarize what your internship has taught you about yourself and your career and industry as a whole.

Overall, my time at Signiant has exposed me to a lot about the world of business. I've learned how analytics research is key to successful marketing and target strategies. Though I was mainly doing research and using salesforce and Exell spreadsheets, I still grew to understand Signiants mission as a company and how they work to acquire new partnerships. I've also learned that I find marketing to be very interesting yet, I don't love being in an office environment. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to work and learn more about business. 

  • Provide an internship tip for future interns

For future interns; don't let not knowing a lot about what your going into stop you. Keep an open mind, ask questions, work hard and all will go well. Don't be afraid to reach out for help when needed - I've found that people admire those who ask questions since it shows their dedication to completing the task correctly. 

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