• To date, what has been the most challenging aspect of your internship?

My internship has been challenging on many aspects so far. I've practiced learning a new database, used resources to find contact information for certain companies, and utilized salesforce to update inactive company members. Within all of these tasks, I've had to take time and go into detail to look at all aspects of a company &/or contact. For example, when I cross-reference the list of inactive users to the salesforce database, I need to see what their past role was, update it, see their status, and update the page. Some of the work takes a long time, but it is very rewarding once it's done.

  • Describe your supervisor’s management style (formal, informal, etc.).

My mangers' styles are a mix of formal and informal. They check on me and make sure I understand the tasks yet they also give me time to complete it fully. It is great since when I get new assignments and sometimes even have two at once, they don't rush me and they appreciate me taking time to ensure that I'm fully completing the tasks correctly. 

  • Describe one new thing you have learned about this company, or the field and/or industry as a whole.

I learned that Signiant works with companies of all calibers from globally unique locations. They have customers in areas like Australia, Columbia, Scotland and even certain regions in Africa. It is really interesting to see the global outreach that Signiant has and the impact that they've made.

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